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The towering mountains and deep valleys of the Film Rjukan region make the perfect home for nearly 200 waterfalls of all sizes and personalities. Add to that the 500 lakes on the highest mountain plain in Northern Europe - Hardangervidda, the 5 major rivers, and the queen of the lakes - Tinn Lake, and you have nothing less than a water paradise here.

The Municipality Coat of Arms of Tinn Municipality, home of Film Location Rjukan consists of 5 blue drops of water on a silver background. The symbolism is simple – water is the region´s most important resource.


With the dawn of the Second Industrial Revolution in the region in the early 20th century that saw the use of hydroelectric power in large industry, water gained a whole new meaning to Rjukan. After nearly a century of prosperity, the major industries of the 20th century have departed – but the water remains with all its power and its beauty.


The Waterfalls

The waterfalls of Film Location Rjukan – winter or summer – frozen or flowing – are a joy to behold.  With nearly 200 waterfalls, nearly all of which are easily accessible, there are photo and film opportunities in abundance.  These falls include Rjukan Falls, Kvitåi, Hauge Falls, Li Fass, Austbygdeåi og Lure Austbygdeåi. 

And, there is nothing like experiencing the deep valley where the town of Rjukan is located, after a strong rainful when you will experience literally dozens of waterfalls cascading in a crescendo all around you.


Lake and Rivers

From Northern Europe’s highest mountain plateau, the Hardangervidda that lies 11-1200 meters over sea level, over 500 lakes of different sizes feed water down into the valleys of Film Location Rjukan. Møsvann og Mårvann are the largest, and from these 500 lakes there are 5 major rivers feed down into Tinn Lake, then down further through Telemark to the open sea beyond.


Tinn Lake

Standing on the shores of the majestic Tinn Lake, you have the feeling that you could be in the Highland of Scotland, on the shores of New Zealand, or in a special place that you create for your film.


Historic and beautiful, Tinn Lake is one of the deepest in Europe. In the winter it can be frozen in places, open water in others, with the ´dragon´s breath´ of mist slowly meeting the sub-arctic winter temperature. 


Tens of thousands of ferry trips have taken place over the past century here, with the most famous being the sabotage action that might have saved the free world in 1944 when the ferry Hydro exploded carrying barrels of heavy water to a watery grave at the deepest point of the lake.


This water of Film Rjukan symbolizes power, beauty, wisdom, and the essence of the natural world – and all found in great diversity here

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