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Caverns and Tunnels

During the heat of the Cold War, the mountains around the town of Rjukan were a haven for intelligence operations. Impenetrable and Top Secret, this was one of the most important listening posts, so important to the West.


Now, these installations are film locations that run through the mountainside in perfect condition. It is just as if time stopped as you make your way through the labyrinths that make their way through the heart of Gaustatoppen. Take the famously secret ‘Kings Elevator’ with a capacity of only three that will take you directly to the hidden Intelligence office where operations were carefully monitored during the Cold War.


Take your film project deep into the mountains of the Film Rjukan region, where you can recreate the past - or create a future in your film stories.


Industrial Elegance

Norsk Hydro´s operations in and around the mountains of the Film Rjukan region are legendary, and have been a part of different film projects, when the company has been extremely helpful in allowing not only access, but has assisted with various technical and practical solutions.


These tunnels and huge cavernous rooms deep in the mountains will wake your creative curiosity, as you observe the rooms where you can still feel the day when the factories closed and workers walked away, notes still on the desks, the cup of coffee still in place.


All of this is linked together with hydroelectric power plants that in their day were the largest in the world. The architectural beauty of these epic facilities has only increased in the century since they were built in the early 1900s.


Explore the caverns and the tunnels of the Film Rjukan region.

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