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The Film Rjukan region has a reputation for getting things done. Active and supportive, the small but dynamic population has all the resources necessary to be able to work with film crews large and small.

From general planning that includes securing necessary facilities, finding props and gear as well as necessary personnel, to legal and contractual assistance, Film Rjukan stands ready to help you organize around your specific needs.

The scale of transportation in the Film Rjukan region is large or small, depending on your needs – transportation that can be used both as a practical solution as well as part of your film.

The Film Rjukan region offer a wide variety of accommodation solutions, from the  basic ‘in the wild’ cabins to upscale hotels with all amenities. offering food and food service solutions on location to suit your needs.

Film Location Rjukan works with various equipment and crew suppliers both the national and regional level as well as our local network to help you receive ‘just in time’ service that will get the job done.

Your film project deserves the attention of sponsors, clients, contributors and other stakeholder. Why not consider inviting key people to look behind the scenes. Make your project more than film – make it an experience!

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