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You will experience four distinct seasons in the Film Rjukan region. All are vibrant, poignant and inspirational, but it is winter that shows our true personality. Burning sky cooled by what seems to be eternal ice - and in turn, ice of the streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes warmed by the ever changing light of the winter sky as the sun makes it short journey from sunrise to sunset.

Join us here on a visual journey that will show. you variations of terrain, light and perspectives that Film Rjukan hopes will provide you all the creative impulses you will need.

Fire in the Sky  

There are few places that can compare with the contrasts you will experience in Film Rjukan as you see the distant winter sun drop over the horizon with a prism light effect that echoes off the frozen landscape. We will let the photos on this page speak for themselves.

The Frozen Waterfalls

Rjukan is known as the best location in Northern Europe for ice climbing with nearly 200 frozen waterfalls. Film Rjukan has  a particularly long and stable winter season that provides enticing conditions for filming that is both esthetic and project-friendly.

Rjukan Falls is perhaps the most famous, a giant of nature. After the famed tourist writer Jens Esmark from Kongsberg reported in 1810 to the king in Copenhagen that Rukjan Falls was not only the most highest and most majestic in Europe, but in the entire world, the falls became an important tourist destination for nature researchers, painters, tourists and filmmakers.  

Lakes, Streams and Rivers

From the highest mountain plateau in Northern Europe, the Hardangervidda that lies nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, there are over 500 lakes of different sizes and character that feed into streams, then the five major rivers that lead in Tinn Lake through Telemark to the open sea beyond.

In the winter, all is frozen and quiet, and it is then that the ancient traditional stories of the sub-arctic begin to show themselves. In this place of magic in the endless winter twilight, the light, the perspective, the visuals musit be experienced.

Tinn Lake

Standing on the shores of the majestic Tinn Lake, you have the feeling that you could be in the Highland of Scotland, on the shores of New Zealand, or in a special place that you create for your film.


Historic and beautiful, Tinn Lake is one of the deepest in Europe. In the winter it can be frozen in places, open water in others, with the ´dragon´s breath´ of mist slowly meeting the sub-arctic winter temperature. Tens of thousands of ferry trips have taken place over the decades on the lake, with the most famous being the sabotage action that might have saved the free world in 1944 when the ferry Hydro exploded carrying barrels of heavy water to a watery grave at the deepest point of the lake.

Tell your Story

This is just one story that has been told, but there are many left to be found in the frozen land of Fire and Ice that is region of Film Rjukan. Remember, our Film Rjukan team has certified mountain guides and Fixers who can lead the way and show you the possibilities.

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