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The Wild Telemark

Rjukan together with Tinn Municipality are founding members in 
The Wild Telemark
This initiative works with the Vestfold Telemark County and beyond to attract film projects and activities to the region that has been called a truly unique location for film and tourism.
Snow, wind and ice winter, roving herds of reindeer, 24-hour daylight in summer.
Turn back time, or create the future. The choice is yours.       

Blinding winter storms and arctic terrain of the Film Rjukan high plains have been used in iconic film productions that include ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, its famed Planet Hoth created in a long ago world. James Bond´s  ‘Die Another Day’ and others have also gained their special visual personality from this unique terrain and feeling of Hardangervidda.

Hardangervidda is Europe’s largest high mountain plain, a sub-arctic climate with roving herds of reindeer making their ways around an endless chain of lakes, mountain peaks and rocky outcrops with 24-hour daylight in the summer, and the cold dark Nordic night in the winter, the Northern Lights often visible.


Situated over half a mile above sea level with over 500 crystal blue lakes of different sizes on the edge of eternal glaciers and mountains, which plummet into Norway´s deepest valley and one of deepest lakes in Europe, the contrasts, light, moods and color are unparalleled.


Primeval Forests

The steep ravines and isolated valleys in the region have been home to virgin forests since the first wanderers came over the high mountain Hardangervidda following the last Ice Age. These forests have been protected and managed since 1894 when Tinn Municipality asked the national government to take over the management of the forestry in the region to avoid speculation, something that the government did.  


Film Rjukan knows the ´vidda´ and the surrounding mountains, forests, lakes, ravines, waterfalls and where you can tell your story on film. Our guides will take you there, and bring you back as you tell a story that take place now, in the future, or a long time ago in a galaxy that was far, far away.

Remote, but easily accessible.


Contact us.

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