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Rjukan is a unique pearl in northern Europe, with 3,000 hardy inhabitants living in the shadowy depths of a narrow valley. Period pieces in town are easily staged and filmed here, with architecture from numerous different time epochs.


A century ago, world-class trains and ships were constructed here as the 2nd Industrial Revolution began. These ships, trains, railways and related facilities are stunning. Your opportunity to create a new visual film world awaits.


There are four distinct seasons here, vibrant, poignant and inspirational. But winter shows our true personality. Burning sky cooled by ice – and in turn ice of the streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes warmed by ever-changing winter skies.


Beyond the Rjukan valley, people gathered in five main villages, personality shown through architecture, creative expressionistic storytelling in all areas that included building technique, arts and crafts, and clothing developed in special and unique ways.


 Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and waterfalls – perfect location settings limited only by your creative imagination. Gaustatoppen stands tall as the southern outpost of where Hardangervidda ends and the deep valleys of the south begin.


During the heat of the Cold War, the mountains around the town of Rjukan were haven for intelligence operations. Impenetrable and Top Secret, this was one of the most important listening posts, so important to the West.


As long at there are stories told through film, the will be stories told of Operation Gunnerside, the February 1943 WWII operation that has been called the most successful act of sabotage in all of World War II.


Northern Europe’s largest high mountain plain, a sub-arctic climate with roving reindeer herds, hundreds of lakes, mountain peaks, rocky outcrops, daylight all summer, the cold dark Nordic night in winter, the Northern Lights often visible.

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The town of Rjukan in the Telemark region of Norway has a remarkable history. 

Read a detailed history of the region in this enhanced e-book which can be downloaded for free or read online.

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