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Location Services

The Rjukan Film region has a reputation for getting things done. Active and supportive, the small but dynamic population has all the resources necessary to be able to work with film crews large and small.


In addition to Visit Rjukan members that include hotels, catering services, restaurants and a whole spectrum of destinations, Visit Rjukan also has special arrangements with companies such as Statkraft and Norsk Hydro. These companies who have the experience, knowledge and access to locations that can help you create a unique film experience. 

To get your job done on a practical level, companies such as the entrepreneurial company Brødene Alseth A-Ø work with our members as well as important public utility companies such at Tinn Energy to tackle the needs of major projects that include film.

Regarding accommodation, there are a wide range of hotels and other accommodation to choose from in the Rjukan region, and Visit Rjukan has the complete overview. These include large capacity hotels such as Gaustabiikken and Skinnarbu Høyfjellshotell, but Visit Rjukan also offers you the full range from large to small intimate places to stay.

For all the other needs, whether it be catering or other food services  - we can refer you to suppliers such as Spar Catering and Sult Kompanitet who are among the many qualified to help you. 

Location Tours

Film Location Rjukan can provide professional location tour services to you, or provide you with  the information you need to find your right location. Our team also includes ‘Fixers’ that are accredited mountain guides, who can take you to places that may very well match your film needs.

Photo Portfolio

Film Rjukan has a portfolio of photographs that cover the spectrum of potential locations. We  can provide information and even professional guides and photographer to take you to these locations to be able to find the right content, angles, lighting, perspective as you develop the personality of your film.

Fixer Assistance

Located in Rjukan, Our Film Rjukan team includes a number of ‘Fixers’, your key contact persons 

regarding local details including accommodation, practical logistic support (snowplowing, electrical supply, etc.) and other important aspects of your projects.

Film Rjukan Fixers have been key in earlier film productions that have included The Saboteurs,  The  Snowman as well as projects with National Geographic, the History Channel and others.


Our Fixers are also key contact persons regarding local details including accommodation, 

practical logistic support (snowplowing, electrical supply, etc.) and other important aspects of 

your projects.

Film Rjukan provides professional location tour services to you, providing you with the information you need to find your right location. Our team includes ‘Fixers’ that are accredited mountain guides, who can take you to places that will match your film needs.


We provide you local details including transportation, accommodation, practical logistic support (snowplowing, electrical supply, etc.) and other important aspects of your film project.


Join Film Rjukan and our ‘Fixers’ in exploring Film Location Rjukan, seeing exclusive and little-seen locations:


  • Cold War bomb rooms, tunnels and mysterious abandoned caverns deep in the mountainsides


  • Magnificent power stations that were the largest in the world a century ago

  • Cavernous industrial halls with classic architecture

  • The secret ‘Kings Elevator’ with a capacity of only three that will take you directly to the top of Gaustatoppen.


For centuries, the only way into Tinn Municipality and Rjukan was to brave travels over the high mountain plateau of Hardangervidda, the unique terrain where such films as ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and others gain their special visual personality, or alternatively using the long and narrow Lake Tinn to arrive from the south.


The Rjukan Region was an enclave, nearly impenetrable for 10,000 years – but now it is open, to you.

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