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Financial Incentives

Whether you are located in or outside of Norway, you can be certain that Film Rjukan will work with you to provide the best possible financial solutions for your film project. Film Rjukan will do its utmost to assist when possible in assisting you with identifying incentives that make Rjukan and Tinn more attractive to you.


National Support

The Norwegian government offers incentives to foreign productions, the deadline for the next funding round is November 28, 2018. Visit the Norwegian Film Institute incentive scheme for more information. 

VAT Refunds

VAT refunds are also available.  In general, any foreign film production company can receive a VAT refund on many Norwegian services. Please note that the VAT on hotels and transportation is 8%, while the rate is 15% regarding consumables.

To be eligible for such a VAT refund, your company must not be VAT registered in the Norwegian National Bronnoysund Register Center. 

When applying for the right to secure such VAT refunds, be certain to include the following documentation: 

  • Original invoices

  • A certified statement from your country’s official corporate business register (the Norwegian equivalent is the Norwegian Business Registry) confirming you’re your company operates within film production as is described in your application. 

  • A certified export declaration for goods which you have purchased in Norway but then have taken out of the country.

  • An authorization if you are applying on behalf of someone else.

The deadline for your applications will be six months following the end of the calendar year when your film activities have taken place. The minimum amount to which you apply is 2,000 NOK.

You can expect your application to be processed such that you will receive your VAT refunds within four months of your date of application.

There are restrictions to this VAT rule, contact Film Rjukan for details.

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