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From being able to easily reroute traffic to close off areas of the town or surrounding areas of filming, to lighting up the night through cooperation with Tinn Energy, to opening the vast facilities deep in the mountain with Norsk Hydro, the only limits to your cooperation with Rjukan is your imagination.

The scale of transportation in Rjukan is large or small, depending on your needs – and it is 

transportation that can be used both as a practical solution as well as part of your film.  Here are some examples of what Film Rjukan can offer your film project: 

The Rjukan line is the railway running from Rjukan in the Vestjord Valley to the port of Mæl on Tinn Lake, and includes both the 16-car train as well as two major ships at the port – the Ammonia, a 700 ton steam ship, and the 1100 ton diesel ship Storegut (‘Big Boy’). Both the train and the ships are excellent film and photo opportunities as well as fully functional with large capacities. All are protected under the Norwegian Heritage Laws.


The Gaustabanen, deep in the heart of Gaustatoppen mountain built in 1958 takes you right back to that precarious place time that was the Cold War. From the bottom of the mountain to the top in just 15 minutes, 850 meters into the mountain on a 1,145 meter long track on a 39 degree gradient.   


 The Rjukan population has a ‘can-do’ mentality, stemming from 100 years of creating their own unique society in this remote corner of the central Norwegian mountains. This also relates to providing vintage cars for film purposes. The Rjukan ‘Veteranbilklubb’  (Antique Car Club) has over 200 different types of cars available, as early as models from 1928.


This aerial tramway was built in 1928 to allow the workers and families of Rjukan, the opportunity to have direct access to the high mountain plain of Hardangervidda. The first of its kind in Northern Europe, it has an extremely steep ascent line – rising 60cm for every meter. This allows stunning changing views of both the town of Rjukan below as well as the magnificent Gaustatoppen that looks down from its 1,883 peak.


This charming 1956 Volvo buss fits well with the portions of the town that sports architecture from the 1940s and 50s – or as a special ‘personality’ in a film. It also doubles as a tour bus for visitors, so be certain to take a ride around town on this unique method of transportation.


In addition, for practical purposes, Film Location Rjukan can help you with practical transportation needs, whether it be car, bus, truck, helicopter, snowmobile, snowplows, boats, even seaplanes to take you as far in on the Hardangervidda as your imagination allow.


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