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Hospitality and Promotion

Your film project deserves the attention of sponsors, clients, contributors and other stakeholders. Why not consider inviting key people to look behind the scenes. Make your project more than film – make it an experience!

Film Rjukan works closely with Visit Rjukan and its wide range of destinations and suppliers, within the areas of Film Tourism, promotion, hospitality and publicity and can work with you to develop a unique event or activity that will profile your film project and the meaning it has to your stakeholders


Your activity can be created and tailored specifically to the your film project, or choose from some of the unique activities in the Film Rjukan Region that include:


Your film project deserves attention – why not make it an experience for your sponsors, clients, contributors and other stakeholders?

Situated at Vemork, here you can experience Operation Gunnerside, the February 1943 WWII operation called the most successful act of sabotage in all of World War II.  Norwegian commandos successfully destroyed the heavy water production facility may have brought Adolf Hitler the atomic bomb.


This is Europe's largest high mountain plain, an endless chain of lakes and rocky outcrops with 24-hour daylight in the summer and the most stunning light imaginable in the winter months.


Enjoy the experience with our accredited mountain tour guides as you penetrate deep into the vast high plateau by boat, helicopter, plane – or on foot. 


Walk through the streets of Rjukan as you experience the different time epochs, the first from 1907 – 1920, when the town went from a tiny agriculture settlement to the most modern industrial center in the world.


End the day with dinner at the Admini, where entrepreneur Sam Eyde wined and dined kings, queens and captains of industry.


This can be organised for your group in the secret rooms that are buried deep in the Gaustatoppen radio link station. This was a hot spot during the Cold War, a listening post following closely every move in the Eastern Bloc.  Enjoy the stories and the in-character officers and staff that bring the Cold War to life once more.


Travel on the the historic Storegut that was used for decades to ship production from the factories at Rjukan to the world.


You will stop right on the spot precise spot where the S/F Hydro famously was sabotaged in the early morning hours of February 20, 1944 as it was carrying a large shipment of Heavy Water to Nazi research headquarters in Germany.


Follow the path of the saboteurs who descended from Hardangervidda just before midnight on 27 February 1943 into the deep valley.


Making their way along the railroad track, unchallenged through Vemork´s entrance gates, into the cellar of the Vemork Hydrogen Production Factory, changing the story of World War II.

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