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Finding Rjukan

Rjukan is a pleasant and easy drive on modern roads from the Norwegian capital city of Oslo. From downtown Oslo the distance is just 180 kilometers to Rjukan, and from the Oslo Gardermoen Airport the distance is 213 kilometers.

  • If you are travelling internationally, the easiest way to get to Rjukan is to use either the main Oslo airport at Gardermoen or the regional Oslo Sandefjord Airport.

  • There are different ways to travel to Rjukan. The national train service NSB provides direct train service to Kongsberg (under 2 hours from Gardermoen and 1 hr. 10 minutes from Oslo). From Kongsberg you can either catch the bus or rent a car. The trip by car from Kongsberg will take you approximately 75 minutes.

  • In order to best access Rjukan and the region we recommend car or other vehicle rental. There are a wide variety of rental vehicle agencies available. The driving travel time from the Oslo Airport to Rjukan is approximately 3 hours using the most direct route, with an excellent road system the entire journey.

  • Helicopter service is also available, contact Film Rjukan for details.

  • From Oslo Sandefjord Airport the distance is 184 kilometers. Although bus connections are available, the best way to Rjukan from the Sandefjord airport is to rent a vehicle, with a wide variety of rental car agencies available. Travel time from the Oslo Sandefjord Airport to Rjukan is under 3 hours, again with an excellent Norwegian road system.


Please feel free to contact us at Film Rjukan for more specific information that will help you access Rjukan and Tinn with ease.

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