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The Wild Telemark, Norway


The Film Rjukan website makes it easier for you as a film scout, producer, director, photographer or location manager to lay the groundwork to make your next film project a creative success here in the Rjukan Region.


Here is a taste of what you will find in the region:


  • THE TOWN OF RJUKAN: Birthplace of the 2nd Industrial Revolution, a world heritage UNESCO site, perfect for undisturbed location filming. 


  • EPIC SURROUNDINGS: The deepest town valley in Norway surrounded by the high mountain plateau of the Hardangervidda and the mountain Gaustatoppen – where on a clear day you can see one-sixth of the entire country of Norway.

  • ARCHITECTURE: Original power stations and facilities stand still in time, architectural world-class design from the early 1900s. Other full sections of the town feature architecture spanning the decades from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.  

  • CAVERNS & TUNNEL SYSTEMS: These run through the mountainside in perfect condition. Time has stopped here – closed decades ago and workers walked away, notes still on the desks, the cup of coffee still in place.  

  • TINN LAKE: One of Europe’s deepest lakes, standing on the shores of TInn Lake by the village of Austbygda, you feel you could be in the Scottish Highlands or far in the frontiers of New Zealand.

  • WWII HISTORY: The famous heavy water sabotages ‘Heroes of Telemark’ at Vemork and the sinking of the ship Hydro on Tinn Lake changed the course of war – and humanity.  There are many tales left to tell.

  • SNOW, SUN, FROZEN WATERFALLS: The winter lighting is unique, the snow and ice indescribable, all perfect for a winters’ tale.  In summer, the sun dips below the horizon for just a few hours – perfect for film adventures.


Explore the information and stunning photos on this Film Rjukan website as you prepare to tell your film story in the wild eastern region of Telemark, all just 2 hours drive from Oslo.

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